Coorie collection

A collection of candles inspired by magical memories growing up in Scotland and feeling at home in the Scottish outdoors. Treat yourself to a cosy moment in nature, wandering through whispering trees and stargazing at the spell-binding northern sky.
Coorie definition: a Scots word meaning traditionally meaning snuggle or cuddle.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is an environmental charity which works with people to help combat climate change, tackle litter, reduce waste and protect the places we all love.

The Wanderer

An earthy and woody fragrance that will take you on a peaceful forest walk among the towering pines.

The Star Gazer

Reminisce of nights under an infinite canvas of stars. The deep, warm aroma is inspired by the wonder of the cosmos above.

The Start Gazer - Moon Melt

The moon melt is a gorgeous wax melt for any lovers of the starry night sky or for anyone looking to bring some dreamy vibes into their home. 

The Star Gazer - Gift Box

This special gift set has been created to show that stellar person in your life that you love them to the moon and back!