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A candle for wild swimmers has launched!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

A new Kind Candle has been added to our Coorie Collection! The Kind Candles Coorie Collection is inspired by magical moments in Scottish nature, and wild swimming certainly is magical!

Wild swimming has had a boost in popularity over the last couple of years as people feel the joys and benefits that open water offers. I personally love the natural highs that I feel from an invigorating and freezing dunk in the sea - usually with friends and family and shrieking our heads off!

To celebrate the launch of the The Wild Swimmer, I decided to get off of Instagram and create some real life connections and memories and wow, how glorious it was! It was wonderful to relax around the fire together, toast marshmallows and warm up before some of us took an energising dip in the sea! After a grey morning, mother nature put on a gorgeous show in the sky and we saw the moon rise too.

What a way to welcome the new candle!

This refreshing candle is inspired by the joys and benefits of wild swimming, whether it's splashing your toes in the salty water or enjoying an invigorating swim in the sea! The perfect way to bring calming, seaside adventures into your home. It includes refreshing notes of sea salt, driftwood, cyclamen and water lily, this calming candle.

5 facts about this beautiful candle:

🐚 10% profits go to local charities

🐚 Made with plant based wax

🐚 Vegan & cruelty-free

🐚 20-25 hour burn time

🐚 Inspired by nature...

🐚 with scents transport you there!

This gorgeous new candle is available on Etsy. Treat yourself to moments of calm or treat your wild swimming bestie to a thoughtful candle!

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